Double undercut

The double undercut helps improve the ergonomics of compact  Glocks, it also moves the hand closer to the bore axis.

Visually it adds to the aesthetics of your favourite fire arm.

Single undercut

The Glock 19, 23  and 26 does have one draw back and its grip space.

The single undercut is designed to overcome this.

removing some polymer to create more space for the hand improves ergonomics

Finger relieve

The finger relieve is normally incorporated in our ergonomics package,

The function is to improve ergonomics, it also creates a custom aesthetic to your firearm

Finger groove removal

The removal of finger grooves helps improve ergonomics in Gen3,4 Glocks.

Couple with other improvements it transform your Gen3,4 to the next Gen

Optic specific cut

Once you have chosen to go with a reflex sight you don’t need to buy a new optic ready Firearm

We mill your slide and fit your chosen optic with precision.

Wrap around grip engraving

Custom patterns engrave permanently into the polymer frame of you Glock and Cz po7/9. Only black frames can be laser engrave of the Glock range and Cz p07/9. For that custom and practical improvement, this is one of the most cost effective ways to improve the aesthetics of your fire arm